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Alternatum provide high end, strategic IT solutions to SMEs around the UK and Europe. We are a small dedicated team of professionals with a combined experience encompassing everything from computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles, right through to the cloud based document platforms we provide for the development of multimillion pound projects here and throughout Europe. If you are looking to outsource your IT requirements please call us on 0871 315 7570 or email: [email protected] for a no-obligation and non-technical discussion.

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Alternatum has been providing IT support and service since 2011, they have delivered a consistently high level of service and solutions from the outset. They have made a contribution to the success of our business and we are pleased to be working with them...

- Martyn Bowes, Welbeck Land
Why Alternatum?
Our customers like us because we are honest and knowledgeable, we value our customers and their businesses, we don’t believe in forcing rules or unnecessary obligations. Our unique approach to providing our services is to be transparent at all times and treat everyone equally. We believe that this approach is the best and more importantly the right approach and though it hasn’t led to us all driving Ferrari’s and living in mansions, our customers have chosen to stick with us for the long run and rely on us and trust us as partners and not merely external service providers.

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This is a collection of things we have done and we find interesting in the world relating to technology or otherwise.

At Alternatum our lives are immersed in technology and we aim to stay at the forefront at all times, when we find something newsworthy or interesting this is where we will post it.
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