Android Malware?

Android Malware?


It was only last year that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, completely went on a no-holds-barred rampage versus Google. He claimed that Android was a “toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities”. No doubt this was humourous to the audience.
He showed a pie chart indicating 99% of Android Malware.
He then went on to claim that Apple’s iPhone and iOS was a safe, virus-free place for its users. That’s a pretty bold statement to be making given that malware is such a prominent threat on devices nowadays.

Google did have something to say this year in their defence after the company reported that less than 1% of Android devices have any malware. In order to keep the Google Play Store clean, Google runs a scan called “Verify Apps” which removes any harmful applications (PHAs).

The 1% of devices that contained malware was from off-branded apps outside of the Play- Store.

It’s no doubt that both Google and Apple are going to be throwing a few punches at one another in 2015.

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