Are You Safe From Hackers?

Are You Safe From Hackers?



Are You Safe From Hackers?


Is your password secure?

We have all heard of hackers and their constant abilities to log into computers without the permission of the owner without remorse. However a fear has arisen as hackers were found sharing pictures and videos of people on their webcam without their knowledge.

This can be prevented with the use of a strong password or updated security on your PC or laptop. With this new found knowledge ask yourself are all my security settings updated? Is my password strong or weak? Although changing your password and updating your computer settings may be simple, it could save you the hassle of having strangers view your private life by hacking onto your webcam unnoticed.

A young student had noticed that her webcam had switched itself on as she watched a DVD in her bathroom.

“I was sitting in the bathroom, trying to relax, and suddenly someone potentially has access to me in this private moment and it’s horrifying.”

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Are you and your family at risk?

Hackers aren’t just able to access your webcams, they are also able to access baby monitors and such. Therefore you must ensure that your family are well protected by changing the default settings. This will avoid any hacking activity.


To prevent this in future.

We recommend our ESET services. ESET will provide high security for your desktop or laptop meaning you will be protected from viruses and bugs – this will ensure safety from any hackers.

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