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Welcome to Alternatum IT

Our dedicated team at Alternatum provide affordable professional services that will cover all your IT requirements. With offices based across the UK and Europe, we have a range of experienced engineers ready to provide the support you need. We offer a highly personalised bespoke service which caters to individual entrepreneurs and small businesses right through to multi-level support that extends across very large projects involving several parties.

Our service offering encompasses all your devices, such as laptops and mobiles, through to servers and cloud platforms with an ever-vigilant eye on security.

Please contact us on 020 7871 5650 or info(at) to discuss your IT requirements with a non-technical and no obligation guarantee.

"Alternatum has been providing IT support and service since 2011, they have delivered a consistently high level of service and solutions from the outset. They have made a contribution to the success of our business and we are pleased to be working with them..."
Martyn Bowes
Welbeck Land


Why Alternatum?

Our unique approach to services is always at one with our core principles, we value our customers. We treat their businesses as though they are our own and constantly strive to be of the highest quality, adding value at every step.

We understand that all businesses are unique and hence focus on getting to know you, your business and your team.


Latest Posts

This is a collection of things we have done or things we find interesting in the world relating to technology or otherwise.

At Alternatum, our lives are immersed in technology and we aim to stay at the forefront at all times. When we find something newsworthy or interesting this is where we will post it.