Internet connected toys, why not to buy.

Internet Connected Toys

With the ever increasing popularity of internet connected toys, you can begin to wonder whether or not it will become a risk to data breaches. These flashy gadgets that appeal to kids are also very appealing with the fact that many websites will allow you to purchase these and have them delivered two days before Christmas.

Although this does sound appealing, there are far more safer ways for children to explore the wide web. Its important to remember that any device that can be connected to the internet also allows hackers to exploit any cracks within your internet security, meaning your data is more likely to be at risk.


Internet connected toys make prime candidates for hackers to breach and connect the devices to so called botnet devices or an army of zombie machines. From this they can launch attacks on websites and in some cases bring the internet to a standstill.

Typically these toys contain microphones, cameras, data storage and many other media devices. So without you knowing hackers can be collecting personal data from you such as passwords or bank details.


When Mattel rolled out its talking wi-fi enabled barbie doll, the product proved very hack-able. Although information was only sent over the internet when the button was pressed. It wouldn’t have taken a hacker very long to gain access to the device and collect what ever data of yours they could.

How to stay safe

The best way to stay safe with these devices, is it to make sure that you have changed the default passwords as many of them come with the standard passwords. Take your time to setup the device with unique passwords and make sure you find out how the manufacture releases updates as this is the best way to stay up to date with security patches.