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1. Introduction 

We, Alternatum Retained Services Ltd., sell goods and/or services on these terms. If you place an order on our website (by e-mail) or by phone/fax, or in person, these terms will apply. 

1.1 Consumer Customers only: Nothing in these terms affects your statutory rights as a consumer. 

1.2 Business Customers only: These terms supersede any previous oral or email discussions, but liability for fraudulent or grossly negligent misrepresentation is not excluded. Any variations to these terms must be agreed in writing (but not by email). 

2. Errors and Misdescriptions 

Occasionally errors can occur in descriptions or pricing of products, especially on a website. We therefore reserve the right where there has been an obvious error to cancel the contract by written notice or email to you, and to offer you the choice of a full refund (including delivery) or an exchange for the correct product and price or nearest equivalent. We may also do this where manufacturers announce products and then withdraw or change them, and we have warned you the product has not yet been released. 

3. Payment 

Consumer Customers and Business Customers: You must pay the purchase price for all hardware in full on placing the order. We will allow up to 7 days of the invoice date in order to pay for any labour and service charges. 

Under special circumstances, we may allow Business Customers an additional credit account with us. We reserve the right to refuse credit to any customer. If we have agreed to allow you a credit account, you must pay our invoices within a mutually agreed time from their invoice dates, or we may stop allowing you credit, claim payment of all outstanding invoices, cancel / suspend any further deliveries. We may charge interest on late payments in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 plus our costs in attempting to recover payment and/or repossess the goods. 

4. Delivery 

Delivery is not included in the quoted price of goods, unless stated. We will explain your options when agreeing a telephone order. Where applicable, your order will be delivered by your chosen method. Under special circumstances, we may substitute another method, but it won’t be less secure or cost you any more. 

We deliver goods / services for a mutually agreed time that is usually at the customer’s convenience. In the event that goods are not in stock or they are not available, we will deliver them as soon as they become available with advanced notice. How long they take to arrive depends on the chosen suppliers of the goods. 

If we cannot deliver the products you have ordered within 30 days after you sent us your order (or any other period we have agreed by you), we will let you know and offer you your money back in full. 

5. Packaging 

For computer and electronic products, the original manufacturers’ packaging is part of the goods, so please retain it for at least 28 days in case you wish to return them for any reason. Although your statutory rights as a consumer will not be affected, the goods are second hand without the packaging and we may not be able to exchange them voluntarily. You can take the goods out of the packaging to try them out, but don’t throw it (the packaging) away. 

We will not exchange audio or video media or computer software after their protective wrapping has been removed, unless there is a fault in the product. 

6. Your Right to Cancel 

Consumer Customers buying by Distance Selling methods (e.g. website or telephone) only: You have the statutory right to a cooling off period until the 7th working day after the day you receive the goods, during which you may cancel the contract for any reason. This does not apply to goods (such as computers) which have been customised to your specifications or to audio or video media or computer software if you have unsealed their protective wrappings. 

You must give us notice of cancellation in writing (which may be by fax or email), and either return the goods to us directly or we will arrange to collect them. You must take reasonable care of the goods before they are returned, so please keep the original manufacturers’ packaging as mentioned above. We will send you written confirmation of your right to cancel by post or email when we confirm the order. If you have any queries about this right, wish to make a complaint, or require information about our after-sales service and guarantees, ask us in person, email or telephone us (see the Contact Us page on our website). 

7. Transfer of Ownership 

The goods belong to us until we have received payment in cleared funds, but you are responsible for their safekeeping as from delivery to you. You must return them or allow us to repossess them if your payment is dishonoured. 

Customers with credit accounts only: Until you have paid for our goods you must retain them and the original manufacturers’ packaging so that they can be identified as our property. You must allow us to enter your premises to recover them if you have defaulted on any payment due to us. If you sell them or make an insurance claim in respect of them, you must hold the proceeds on trust for us. 

8. Warranties 

In addition to your statutory rights as a consumer, we will pass on to you the benefit of any manufacturers’ warranties or guarantees, subject to any conditions that may apply (which will be specified in the documentation accompanying the goods). These may require return in the original manufacturer’s packaging. 

Business Customers only: If faulty goods are returned to us in the original manufacturer’s packaging within 28 days of delivery, we will exchange them for equivalent new goods or refund the purchase price. If faulty goods are returned to us after then and/or not in the original manufacturer’s packaging, we will repair them, return them to the manufacturer for repair, or exchange them for equivalent reconditioned or second hand goods. If the goods are not faulty, or have been damaged by someone other than us or the manufacturer attempting repairs, we may refuse exchange or repair as above and/or make a handling charge of 15% of the purchase price (plus VAT). We will only pay for delivery to return goods to you at an address in the U.K. All statutory implied terms as to the quality of the goods, fitness for purpose and correspondence with descriptions and samples are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law. 

9. Servicing 

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all software on their computer system is backed up. Alternatum Retained Services Ltd. is not responsible for the recovery or reconstruction of any data lost or spoiled as a result of any breakdown or subsequent repair of the equipment. 

Alternatum Retained Services Ltd. will not accept any liability for any loss incurred by a failure or any subsequent loss following the installation of upgrades. The Equipment is provided with warranty in respect of hardware problems. This warranty does not cover software. This does not affect your statutory rights. 

10. Site Working

•             Alternatum will ensure it complies with customers site rules and regulations.

•             Consideration is always given to the location of the site and that the site remains secure at all times. Alternatum to agree arrangements with the Owner/Occupier.

•             Alternatum will ensure minimum disruption through regular liaison with the customer.

•             Alternatum will post signage where necessary to ensure safety for all concerned.

•             Alternatum to ensure that area of work is as tidy as is possible, leaving it tidy at the end of the day by disposing of rubbish correctly.

11. Liability 

We strongly recommend that you make back-up copies of all your data and take appropriate precautions against viruses, hacking and other types of computer misuse. 

Business Customers only: Our total liability to you for any reason (whether in contract, tort or by statute) is limited to the total order price (including VAT) plus any liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or that of persons for whom we are legally responsible. We will not be liable for damage to other property, or for any consequential losses (e.g. loss of data, business or profits, liability to third parties). 

12. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution 

Your contract with us is made under English law. If a dispute cannot be resolved by agreement, you or we may refer it to be mediated or take it to an appropriate court in the United Kingdom. 

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