Top 5 new features for iOS 8

Top 5 new features for iOS 8


It has been a year and Apple has finally released their update, the iOS 8. There is a lot of new features on the new OS which I will be talking about including new designs, functionality and a new health app.
Apple is finally catching up to Android when it comes to OS updates; Apple users will now have some features that Android already has for several years now.
Apple has made iOS 8 compatible with its older devices (iPhone 4S and later, iPad minis, iPad 2 and fifth-gen iPod touch. Some of the older Apple devices wont sport new features such as the health app which is only being delivered to iPhone 4s through to the newer models and fifth-gen iPod touch.

User Interface

The iOS 7 update was easily one of Apple’s major redesign updates. It took Apple six years to change the UI, which is surprisingly long. The iOS 7 had major changes compared to its previous design however it did take a lot of time for users to get used to.

iOS 7 mainly focused on updating the interface; and iOS 8 will be focused on updating the functionality of the phone. The layout and design of the interface will pretty much stay the same.


Apple has introduced this great piece of software which allows the syncing of Mac and mobile. Meaning that you can answer your calls on the Mac if your phone is in the next room, and finish a video on the other Apple device that it is within the network. However for all of this to happen both devices must be connected to the same network and both devices must be signed in with the same Apple ID account.

Continuity is an amazing feature, e.g. if you’re looking at something on your phone on your way home and you want to look at it on your Mac you can simply turn on your Mac and continue reading by clicking the icon that displays that the phone is connected onto the network.

Another feature included on Continuity is voice/video calls. If you’re on your Mac and you receive a voice or video call on your phone you can answer it and use it on your Mac or even your iPad. iMessage is also included in this; SMS and MMS that goes to your phone can be viewed and replied to on your Mac or iPad.



Extensibility is another new piece of software that is included in iOS 8; this mostly benefits developers by allowing them to make their application communicate with other applications. This software increases the usability of applications significantly.

Extensibility allows users to use 3rd party software to replace Apple’s default software e.g. the user can replace the default keyboard with something else, such as swiftkey.



Apple has also implemented more manual controls for third-party apps giving users more options when it comes to taking pictures using third-party apps. Manual camera options allows the user to pick from exposure, ISO, white balance and most importantly manual focus. The extensibility feature takes great effect here allowing the user to access editing tools without having to exit the photo.



HealthKit is a new application implemented in iOS 8. HealthKit allows the user to track how many steps the user has done in a day, week, month and tells the user how many calories he/she has burned off during any period of time.

The user is also able to update HealthKit with their personal information such as height, weight and daily nutrition which then optimises the app making a target goal for the user to achieve. HealthKit is a great piece of software. The app also allows the user to use fitment devices such as fitness bands which monitors the user more accurately.

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