Windows 10... installed it yet?

Windows 10… installed it yet?


About 2 months ago we all had an icon appear on our screen asking us to reserve a copy of Windows 10 for free, this seemed very generous of Microsoft given we’ve always had to pay to upgrade if you didn’t buy a new enough PC with it pre-installed. At the time there seemed very little fanfare however everyone I asked seemed excited and most people said it looked really good. Then on Thursday 30th at around 19:00 when I was getting ready to leave the office I noticed Windows update chugging away in the background, upon clicking I saw it was downloading Windows 10 (2717MB).

My first issue with downloading Windows 10 was the year of free updates as Microsoft promised. I wanted to know what I would have to do after the year of free updates and how much this would cost. With more digging I found out that there are free updates forever and the year part was regarding you have one year to download the free Windows 10. With this I decided to go ahead and install it. Our connection is a 100MB leased line so this was a breeze and by 19.30 I already had a prompt to install, feeling slightly privileged to be the first one in the office to have gotten this message I clicked yes and it began.

The installation process starts with unceremoniously restarting your PC without giving you the chance to save or close anything open on your computer, once it restarts it jumps straight into the installation process which on my PC took exactly 14 minutes and it restarted straight into Windows 10.

Once it boots up for the first time the initial setup is very similar to that of Windows 8.1, it asks you various things relating to privacy and smart screen etc. of course at that stage I didn’t pay too much attention and stopped most of the items that were on, then it was ready. When I went back to the start screen Windows 10 still possesses the big colourful squares with their child friendly look that hold the apps such as eBay, Twitter and Steam that were present in windows 8.1. There is even the option to have the same start menu as Windows 8.1 but I wanted to try the new look and see what it was like!

I tried to run my Citrix software, Word, Outlook, Excel, Firefox and the new IE now known as Edge, this obviously runs in the background as it opens within a second of clicking on it, shame really as I’m a big fan of Firefox so would always continue using that.

I later decided to try Cortana which was a lot better than I expected. It was very responsive and works with very little hassle and issues allowing me to try it out for all it’s worth. I am an Apple user and therefore thought that Cortana would be as useless as Siri and would rarely work with it being activated when you don’t want it. This wasn’t the case, it worked 10 times better than Siri in every aspect with it’s responsiveness and accuracy in doing what it’s asked and is well worth having on the system as an added bonus.

When thinking whether I like Windows 10 I realised that it is the compromise between the comfortable and reliable Windows 7 and the futuristic Windows 8. This makes it very easy to use with the futuristic feel that you are in a Sci-Fi film controlling everything with your hands if your computer, tablet and phone has a touch screen.

Altogether Windows 10 is a far more superior system than the previous Windows 8.1 and allows the user more control and more flexibility over the computer. With Microsoft saying that there is more to come it makes me feel that I have done the right thing downloading it and I implore everyone else to download it as well.

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