Windows 10... is it snooping on you?

Windows 10… is it snooping on you?


If you forget to change the settings when you first set it up there are ways of doing it once you are in on the settings page with changing the personalized ads in the browser and your own Microsoft account. Some of the settings however aren’t as easy to do and require more time to complete and one of these settings even takes you to an external website to change it:


Click on Privacy:


Change them like this:

Click “Manage my Microsoft advertising and other personalization info”… Once on the page click “Choose”:

Personalised Ads

This setting that is done on an external website that is claimed to be easy to find and change seems to be hidden in the deep dark realms of Windows 10. It begs the question do they want you to find it? If this setting isn’t changed then it allows the Microsoft to track you and your internet browsing and computer habits.

To conclude, change the settings as per below:

ads preferences

These privacy settings need to be changed to protect every client of Microsoft who possess Windows 10. The main point Microsoft need to understand is that they need to respect everybody’s privacy and remove this tracking ability and all the other hidden features that allow them access into your computer, tablet or PC, whatever has Windows 10 on it.

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