IT Support

We at Alternatum pride ourselves on being able to deliver a timely, concise and personable service.

Our support engineers are certified to handle a range of issues including Windows, Windows Server, MacOS, iOS and Android. We differentiate ourselves through being able to exercise efficiency across the board, resulting in fewer tickets and faster resolution times.

And as we are always based close to our customers, should you require emergency support, we are able to attend the same day.

E-mail Services

From hosted exchange to the widely used Microsoft 365 platform, we are able to provide e-mail services with service level guarantees and 100% redundancy.

In the unlikely event you experience e-mail issues, one of our support engineers will handle the entire process for you.

It's also important to mention that we fully support and implement strict GDPR compliant environments and sysytems.

Cyber Security

The digital age in which we currently live in is ever evolving and it is highly important companies stay up to date with security compliance across the board.

We offer a range of security services, including but not limited to, system-wide endpoint encryption, e-mail encryption, cloud and application security and much more.

Document Management

We work with a number of cloud document platforms but our platform of choice would be Citrix ShareFile. We’ve been Certified Solutions Advisors for many years now and have spent a large amount of time tailoring our StorageZones to the needs of our clients.

As they are built to spec, regardless of how small or large, we will undoubtedly be able to adhere to a desired technical specification irrespective of size.



We have developed our own in-house solution to be at the forefront of data preservation.
Our solution comprehensively encrypts and backs up all the data on a computer to our cloud servers and we don't operate on data limits or restrictive bandwidth.

Whether you have 1GB of data or 100TB of data, we will be able to accommodate your data and provide first class service when you need to recover it. And in addition to all of this, you will be happy to know that your data is hosted within the UK meaning it is subject to EU data protection law.


When it comes to telecoms our entire ethos is based on simplicity. We strongly believe that high quality efficient IT and communications should be easy to use and always working when you need it. With that in mind, we offer a multitude of services including:

• Telephone Lines
• Internet – Fibre/Ethernet/Superfast
• Mobile Phones
• Voice Artist Services
• Telephone Numbers

We offer our communications services standalone, if you are having difficulties getting your comms right, please give us a call and we’ll be ready to help.