Every year since 1967 CES host an event, usually in Las Vegas, for individuals and companies to promote the future of technology. This year, the 53rd CES ran for 3 days from 7th January to the 10th with major names such as Apple, Mercedes and Sony in attendance. On the other hand, Ivanka Trump being the keynote speaker caused a stir and created a backlash of sorts.
Who brought what for show and tell:
Sony brought a prototype car (who would of thought?)
Samsung brought “Ballie” a small yellow ball that follows you around your house monitoring cleanliness
LG brought a futuristic fridge-freezer that makes ice balls rather than cubes.
Juno brought a reverse microwave that quickly cools drink cans and we also saw a circular phone that has not just one, but two headphone jacks.
There was also a temporary tattoo machine, in which you literally swipe over your skin and the tattoo of your choice and design appears on your skin!
Last but by now way least, Segway brought aprototype wheelchair that crashed during its presentation, cue awkward silence…
The one that interested us the most, was the SelfieType concept from Samsung C-Lab, an “invisible keyboard” used for smart phones. How is this possible you ask? Don’t worry, we did the same. You obviously would need training with the product, and during this the AI measures up your hands and you place them into the designated area so they line up with the image on your screen and off you go, it picks up the letters you’re trying to type on a table top.
The great thing about this concept, would be the reduction in devices/hardware you have to carry around with you. Unfortunately for us, they have no release date for this as of yet.
Another form of keyboard on display was the CharaChorder, a device in which you “wiggle” small joysticks to spell out words. This was taken into a school and the kids really embraced this device – however testing with the older generations has proven altogether more difficult… Sounds familiar [cough!].
It truly is amazing to see what people are able to invent not only in their minds, but to bring the products to life and see them in a perfectly working order. We cannot even begin to imagine what is brought to the table at CES 2050.